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Connectedness and Uncomfortable Thinking

I am attending the ASCD annual conference in Philadelphia, and spent yesterday in a day-​​​​long pre-​​​​conference session by Bobb Darnell about encouraging an environment for high achievement for all students. During the session I learned some new things and gained some new techniques that I will bring back to my district and share with other staff members. I was […]

Edcamp: A Professional Development Amuse Bouche

I spent this past Saturday at edcamp Philly. Edcamp is an unconference: a gathering of professional educators that is deliberately structured differently than your typical professional conference. Instead of a set schedule of presenters and vendors, predefined and preselected by a committee, the attendees create the schedule on the fly by proposing their own sessions. The topics at […]

I Don't Know

For the fourth post in our series on gifted education we turn to Jeff Agamenoni, who posts as @teacherman79 on Twitter. Though relatively new to gifted education, Jeff’s experience in education and honest perspective on teaching made him a natural choice to invite as a guest blogger here. Jeff is also active in Second Life and Quest […]

Hallways: The Original PLN

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr Social networking, if you believe half of what you read, is a 21st-​​​​century, Web 2.0 phenomenon that has exploded onto our culture through our youth. Anyone that was around before the Web was even a 1.0 knows this is hogwash. Social networking has been around as long as there have been […]

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