8 Ways Teachers Make Students Love Math

Reading has gotten a lot of love recently at Brilliant or Insane. As a math guy, I feel an obligation to restore some balance to the Force. Thus, I offer the following: 8 ways to make students love math 1. Let students ask (and answer) their own questions.... read more

Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor

The word “rigor” is hard to avoid today, and it provokes strong reactions from educators. Policymakers tout its importance. Publishers promote it as a feature of their materials. But some teachers share the view of Joanne Yatvin, past president of the National Council... read more

ACT Test Says More STEM Courses Aren’t Better

ACT, the organization that produces one of the two major college entrance exams in the United States, has just reported that taking more math and science courses has little or no effect on student achievement in those subjects. In a report with the slightly... read more

Book Review: Digital Leadership

Everything is changing—society, the educational landscape, and learners—and it is time for educational leaders to embody a modern, progressive form of leadership. More often than not, the individuals trusted with leading change in the twenty-first century are the... read more

The Strange Reality of Engagement

The reality of “student engagement” hit me square in the face yesterday as I sat in an ASCD presentation by Alison Zmuda and Robyn Jackson. In it, they shared their keys to engaging students in the classroom. During the session, I couldn’t help but compare with... read more

Full Speed Ahead Down the Road to Nowhere

Part of my job as a curriculum supervisor involves doing professional development with teachers about curriculum and instruction in mathematics. With implementation of the Pennsylvania Core Standards (based on the Common Core State Standards) coming quickly, we are... read more

Why Digital Learning Day is Important

Three years ago, I toured the Library of Congress for the first time. Today I am here again, this time for Digital Learning Day. Although I have been involved with helping to organize this event since its inception in 2012, and have had the privilege of attending the... read more