Book Review: Digital Leadership

Everything is changing—society, the educational landscape, and learners—and it is time for educational leaders to embody a modern, progressive form of leadership. More often than not, the individuals trusted with leading change in the twenty-​​​​first century are the least knowledgable about the twenty-​​​​first century.… We can no longer sit back and watch our schools become less […]

Full Speed Ahead Down the Road to Nowhere

Part of my job as a curriculum supervisor involves doing professional development with teachers about curriculum and instruction in mathematics. With implementation of the Pennsylvania Core Standards (based on the Common Core State Standards) coming quickly, we are spending a great deal of time talking about the shifts that must happen in our classrooms to effectively implement […]

A Day at the Newseum: Digital Learning Day 2013

Yesterday I had the enormous privilege and opportunity to participate in the Digital Learning Day national event at the Newseum in Washington, DC. I first got to be part of the opening keynote panel, where I spoke on revitalizing assessment with digital tools. I was then asked to present a demonstration math lesson. (See my links and lesson plan for […]

Common Core Toolkit for Principals: Part 2

February Toolkit: Mission and Transfer within the CCSS Before the next faculty meeting, read your district’s mission statement. (Ours is on the district web site.) A well-​​​​crafted mission statement is all about transfer: making sure that what we do has lasting impact on students beyond their years in our classrooms. Consider these questions as you read: How […]

Common Core Toolkit for Principals: Part 1

As part of my district’s plan to realign our curriculum with the Common Core State Standards (which we are calling the C4 Project, for Cheltenham Common Core Curriculum), I will be developing a Toolkit for Principals. Each month, I will prepare a four-​​​​part package of resources and activities they can use both for their own professional development and as part […]

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